Using adverbs in fiction writing – clunk versus clarity – by Louise Harnby…

So pleased to see the subject of adverb usage being addressed here. Adverbs are an important part of grammar, to be used economically, whenever required, rather than too much.

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Adverbs and adverbial phrases sometimes get a bit of a pummelling, and yet they needn’t intrude and shouldn’t be removed indiscriminately.

An adverb is no more likely to spoil a sentence than a poorly chosen adjective or noun.

Use them purposefully in your writing when they bring clarity, but remove them when they create clunk.

Are there rules? You won’t find any in this article, just common-sense guidance to help beginner writers make informed decisions.

The fiction writer – and the fiction editor – who takes a formulaic approach to the treatment of adverbs is heading for trouble.

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