From Panser to Plotter

The devil lies in the detail In my last post, I discussed my recent holiday time spent staying with a 'Luddite' friend in the south of England. In this situation I was obliged to take a different approach to my writing tasks, using old fashioned pen and paper rather than my Chromebook, which I normally … Continue reading From Panser to Plotter

On Vacation with a Luddite

Off Grid Several weeks ago, I travelled down from Edinburgh by train, an experience which in itself, taught me a lot of useful lessons about writing and life. The journey, although two and half hours longer than intended, was most definitely worth it in the end, when at last, I arrived at my destination: a beautiful … Continue reading On Vacation with a Luddite

The Power of Making Lists

Lighten.....the burden Mind clutter is something I try hard to avoid. It's like an illness which just won't go. Headaches occur, sleep refuses to come, neurosis sets in. The solution? List making. With my google calendar open, I add things to do at the top of each day. The very act of transferring a single … Continue reading The Power of Making Lists

‘Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes’

Understanding and empathetic Writing my novella series about a fictional high-end shoe shop, which has drawn a number of clients with colourful pasts, I'm reminded of the phrase 'Walk a Mile in Someone Else's Shoes.' It tells us that before we leap in and judge others we must learn to be understanding and empathetic and … Continue reading ‘Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes’