The Hero’s Journey and Archetypes

Been doing some more research into the hero’s journey and also character archetypes and found this interesting post. It’s good to see that basic models can be changed or modified in story telling.


We learned in class about Joseph Campbell and “The Hero’s Journey”.  Basically Campbell created a concept of a basic story structure that was found in many stories around the world.  The structure can be found in many narratives, both classic and new.  Here is a link to an outline of the Hero’s Journey:’s_journey.htm

We also learned about archetypes.  These are character types that are found in many stories, and they always have the same basic characteristics.  Here is a link to a list of some classic archetypes:

These concepts can be combined to create a blueprint for your story, and can be altered accordingly to bring an element of unpredictability to it.  For instance, steps in the Hero’s Journey can be moved, combined, or deleted altogether.  Another alteration is for the characters to have the aspects of more than one archetype.  For instance, the Hero could also be…

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