Never Give Up!

Imagination, enthusiasm and determination

I was scheduled to hold a skin care party at my house the other day. Rather a new undertaking, as an antidote to piano teaching and writing, but I was introduced to some lovely products a few months ago, and invited to become a distributor. I don’t mind admitting that I felt somewhat sceptical, as indeed many people who have made a success of this venture have done at the outset, and are now living proof that with a bit of imagination, enthusiasm and determination, this can work. I’m not sure at present just how involved I want to be, but certainly to some extent, as it has given me an opportunity to sample and use some really good quality items for myself, as well as the incentive to reconnect with old friends and have an excuse for a social get-together, enabling them to try these things for themselves.

Ready to go

I bought some foodie comestibles for a small buffet, and invented some simple mocktails to accompany it. The table was set, as well as another, for the skin care part of the proceedings. Everything looked good. Friends were also making some nice snacks to bring along, at their own suggestion. I was ready to go. But on the morning of the party I started to feel unwell, and went to lie down, hoping I’d get better soon. Was I going to be able to hold the party? I asked myself. After a while it became clear that I was getting worse, and concluded that I was suffering from the very unfortunate after effects of some medication that I’d taken. I panicked! A decision had to be made. So I managed to contact everyone, and stopped them from coming. But, even though it wasn’t my fault, I felt a failure, and chastised myself. All that preparation, wasted. All that fun time, getting people together, lost.

Trying again

My upline stepped in, encouraging me to organise an alternative date, and quickly, once I felt better. Still feeling washed out and defeated, I was tempted to give up, and not bother. It was as if my scepticism had been borne out by misfortune. A most inopportune occurrence proving to me that my initial reservations had been correct after all. Nevertheless, and, at first, very halfheartedly on my part, we worked on an alternative date, and so far at least some of the attendees can come along, and I’ve invited some others as well. Because I would feel more of a failure for not picking myself up and trying again, which successful people have had to do over and over in the past, in order to get to where they are now.

Even better

This is the case with each of my three current endeavours. There have been many occasions in my teaching when I’ve wanted to throw in the towel. Others when I’ve felt stuck with my writing, which, although a serious hobby, is something, above all else, I want to develop professionally, over time. The secret lies in stepping back, thinking things over and doing something different. When the road becomes blocked, or hard, it’s an indication that a new path needs to be taken, ultimately leading to our goal. It’s a diversion, and sometimes our bodies tell us to take a rest, as mine did, several days ago.

Ride into the sunset, happy

My replacement skin care party will not have the same combination of, or possibly as many attendees, and the friends, who offered to bring the nice snacks, won’t be there. But it doesn’t matter. The party will be happening, just differently. And there will be others like them in the future. Just as sometimes I have to reevaluate the way I am running my piano practice, or think of alternative ways to approach my writing in progress, I need to do the same with my skin care endeavours. And the long term results will be even better. Meanwhile, I will accept that setbacks can occur, and will get back on my metaphorical horse, and ride into the sunset, happy. 


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