Never Give Up!

Imagination, enthusiasm and determination I was scheduled to hold a skin care party at my house the other day. Rather a new undertaking, as an antidote to piano teaching and writing, but I was introduced to some lovely products a few months ago, and invited to become a distributor. I don't mind admitting that I … Continue reading Never Give Up!

The Power of Making Lists

  Lighten.....the burden Mind clutter is something I try hard to avoid. It's like an illness which just won't go. Headaches occur, sleep refuses to come, neurosis sets in. The solution? List making. With my google calendar open, I add things to do at the top of each day. The very act of transferring a … Continue reading The Power of Making Lists

A Change is as Good as a Rest

Fruitful ways Things have gone a bit quiet here on this blog over the last month or so, just when I'd got my mojo going and content was flying out pretty regularly. I'd written posts on making time, and how small bits (aka activities) make big bits over time with perseverance. But since the 'day job' revved … Continue reading A Change is as Good as a Rest