‘Procrastination is the Thief of Time’ Time: Part Three

A problem that needed fixing

Yesterday I planned to finish off my accounts – yes it’s that time of year again! I was ready to continue my fourth novella in progress, but there it was, staring me in the face on my google calendar, making me feel guilty: ‘Update accounts’. I was most definitely not in the mood and longed to get stuck into writing, especially as I had a bit of sorting out to do, having identified a problem that needed fixing. What to do?

Go with the flow

If I ignored the writing and got on with my accounts then I’d return to a state of ‘blockedness’, I figured. I knew it would then be the writing I’d be putting off. I decided to go with the flow, and did the thing that attracted me the most. Several hours later I’d sorted out some paragraphs, added the things that were required and removed stuff that wasn’t. Some analysis of scene structure helped me to do this. I felt liberated and continued the narrative some more.

In the mood

Still the accounts loomed. The difference was I now felt in the mood to do them. I got my record book, latest bank statements and a pile of accumulating receipts out of a cupboard, and step by step, worked through what needed to be done, minus the earlier sense of resentment. By the end of the evening I’d completed everything I’d set out to do. I felt better.

Ready to write

Had I ignored the voice calling me to write, I’d be facing the same writing problems today, less able to work through them, having lost my mojo, and even less able to continue the novella in progress. Had I also ignored the voice telling me to get on with the accounts, they’d also be facing me today, taking precedence, due to tax deadlines. Now, though, I’m ready to write and enjoy my Sunday.

Overcoming the enemy within

I believe life is a balance between discipline and freewill. Left and right brain approaches. Feed one and the other will be happy. Without some kind of basic order, such as reminders on calendars, neither would be achieved, enabling the thief of time to escape with his spoils. It’s necessary to listen to one’s gut instinct, as well as the voice of conscience. They each have a part to play in achieving successful outcomes by overcoming the enemy within. Procrastination.

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