‘Making Time’ Time: Part Two

Following on from my last blog post on the subject of ‘Time’ I’m sharing a piece I wrote for my facebook Freedom-Writing group page a few weeks ago when time was of the essence.  It’s deliberately brief!

Odd moments

“I’m coming on here briefly, since time is short just now. In the midst of a busy week, it could be tempting for me to say I have no time to sit down and get on with the task of editing my last three novellas, which grouped together, form a novel. However, I’ve been grabbing odd moments to do just that, continuing to trawl through one paragraph after another, and making notes. By doing this I have managed to move forwards slowly and steadily, rather than brush things to one side.

One small bit at a time

Had I done the latter I would soon be feeling the stress of work mounting up and a sense of disconnection with the project. But I have kept going, one small bit at a time, and kept in touch with something that is really important to me.

Over time

‘I haven’t time’ is a state of mind. We can make time, even just tiny bits of it, and in so doing those tiny bits make big bits, over time.”

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