Welcome to Freedom-Writing


My name is Marie-Gaye Barton. I’m a writer and musician. I’m currently working on a series of novellas under a pen-name which will be unveiled in due course. Other projects include helping with essay writing and inputting blog content. I love to be able to share what I’m doing in these respects with other writer friends, potential readers and anyone interested in the process.

I’m running a Facebook group under the same Freedom-Writing name, where I regularly post about things that help and inspire me on my writing journey as well as sharing positive messages of encouragement. If you’re a Facebook user, you can request to join by logging in before clicking on the link below. Any shared comments and reactions you care to make would be appreciated by all concerned.

Here, on this blog, I aim to describe in more detail my approach to writing.

Thank you for stopping by!

Visit my Facebook group

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